VELOCHAMPION Frequently Asked Questions


Product Specific

How do I change my Sunglasses Lens?

Do any of your Sunglasses come with an Optical Lens Adaptors?

Are the Sunglasses for Cycling Only?

Are different Lens Colours for different Conditions?

You have a Variety of Pumps. Which One Should I Choose?

Will Any of the Pumps Fit in my Saddle Bag?

What Size Does the Skull Cap Come In?

Can Chamois Cream be used for Other Sports too?



Delivery & Shipping Rates

Can I Recycle My Inner Tubes?

Size Guides

Clothing Size Guide

Overshoes Size Guide

What Shoe Sizes do you Stock?


How do I purchase VCUK Membership?

I have purchased my membership, but not received a welcome email

I want to set up VCUK rides in my local area