VeloChampion 680ml Sports Water Bottle Bidon – BPA Free

DEISGNED TO FIT MOST WATER BOTTLE CAGES - Our new VeloChampion 680ml water bidon allows you to take on liquids you need on the go and will fit into most water bottle cages.  

LEAKPROOF CAP  The push and pull nozzle ensures an comfortable flow of liquid through the drink spout and can be quickly closed off by pushing down to create a locking seal.  

VISUALISE YOUR FLUID INTAKE – Our VeloChampion water bottle is purposefully designed with a translucent print to ensure that you can see the fluids within the bottle, ensuring that you can keep control of your fluid intake whilst exercising.  

EASY TO USE - You can use this bottle with most water bottle cages and bottle holders. Not suitable for hot fluids. 

Product Dimensions: 

Width 7.5cm 

Height 22cm 

Depth 7.5cm 

Packaging Dimensions: 

Width 8.5cm 

Height 23cm 

Depth 8.5cm 

Weight 64g 

Material: BPA free plastic