VeloChampion Shimano / Sram Compatible Brake Pad Inserts - FOR CARBON RIMS

Replacement inserts for use with Shimano Dura Ace Ultegra and 105 brakes. Also compatible with all Sram brakesets

  • Special inserts designed for wheels with carbon rims/carbon braking surface 
  • Pack contains 2 brake inserts (1 pair) can be used on either front or rear brakes 
  • Can be used on any tubular or clincher rim with a carbon braking surface
  •  Fits Dura Ace, Ultegra, 105 and all Sram Brakesets 

Developed as a response to the intense heat caused by braking on carbon.

These pads are designed for wheels with carbon rims and employ a composite polymer to reduce glazing and offer consistent brake response.

Can be used on any tubular or clincher rim with a carbon braking surface
Not for use on aluminium braking surfaces.

How do I know if my brake pads need replacing?

There are a number of ways to tell: the first thing to check is the brake pad's surface and wear markers. If the pad is worn-out the pre-cut grooves in the pad's contact surface will have completely disappeared or the pads are worn down to the wear markers - if so you need to replace them immediately.

Other signs to look out for: significant fall-off in braking performance squeaking sound when brakes are applied a gritty scraping sound means the metal of the brake shoe is hitting the rim a sticky/juddering feeling when braking indicates uneven wear and is sticking to the rim - if any of these symptoms occur replace your brake pads immediately.

Why do I need to change my brake pads?

Braking efficiency decreases and stopping distances increase when pads wear to a dangerous level-magnified in wet conditions.
Worn brake pads also require more pressure to generate the friction needed to stop - resulting in quicker wear to the wheel rim. In extreme cases the rim will crack due to the thickness no longer able to support the tyre pressure.

Choose between:

  • 2 pcs - sku 1836 - EAN: 5060558731066
  • 4 pcs - sku BUN1836 - EAN: 5060558731783