VeloChampion MTB Inner Tube 26"x1.75/1.95 Presta 40mm


Product Details

High quality 100% butyl inner tube with Presta valves (high pressure valve)
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  • This size is most often used on XC/cross country, trail and all-mountain bikes.
  • Presta valve type (AKA High Pressure Valve or French Valve).
  • Threaded valve stem with security ring prevents rattling on the rim and makes pump attachment easier.
  • 40mm length valve suitable for most standard depth rims up to 30mm.
  • Reinforced dual thickness tube/valve interface to prevent punctures.
  • Light weight butyl rubber construction.
  • Weighs 190g.

These innertubes are compatible with the following ETRTO tire sizes:

26" x 1.75" = ETRTO 44-559

26" x 1.8" = ETRTO 47-559
26" x 1.95" = ETRTO 50-559
26" x 2.0" = ETRTO 52-559
26" x 2.1" = ETRTO 54-559
26" x 2.2" = ETRTO 56-559
26" x 2.3" = ETRTO 59-559

CE standard

PLEASE NOTE: To avoid punctures to new inner tubes please follow these rules
1. Check the tyre for the object that originally punctured the tube before replacing.
2 .Make sure the rim tape covers the valve hole in the rim, otherwise