VCUK Men's short Sleeve Jersey - Club Cut


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 Club cut 

The Champion System CS Tech Short Sleeve jersey has been worn by tens of thousands of cyclists around the world from weekend warriors to world champions. Featuring our exclusive CS Tech moisture management fabric, our full custom short sleeve jersey is an incredible value. There are never any hidden charges, so we won’t make you pay more for a full-length zipper. 


  • Made from our exclusive CS Tech fabric for superior comfort and wicking
  • 100% permanent UV protection yarn 
  • Unlimited colors at no extra charge
  • Three rear pockets
  • Our exclusive tapered collar - high enough on the sides to allow for logos but tapered at the chin so as not to pinch
  • Separate side panel
  • No extra charge for 3/4 or full-length zippers
  • No annoying label tags at the neck


The Club cut jersey is a more relaxed fit, as opposed to a tight fitting race cut jersey.