VeloChampion Starter Bundle: UNO Pump + MLT10 Multi Tool + Standard Tyre Levers + 6x Repair Patches

We have bundled together our essentials starter products, so you are prepared when you get back on the saddle. 

What you will receive:
1 x UNO Pump
1 x MLT10 10-in-1 Multi-Tool
1 x Tyre Levers (3 Pack)
1 x Tyre Patches (6 Pack)

Uno Universal Pump:

Make inflation easy, with all in one 'UNO' valve, do away with the days of fiddly unscrewing pump valve heads and switching heads, losing components and breaking delicate parts. Our 'UNO' Universal Smart valve does away with this, Simply insert your PRESTA or SCHRADER valves, and our UNO valve adapts to the valve head you have inserted. It quickly inflates with a PSI of 100 / 6.8BAR

✅ SMART AND COMPACT, FITS IN WITH YOUR LIFESTYLE AS A CYCLIST, small and compact packed with a FRAME MOUNT, so you can attach it your cycle.
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✅ ALL IN 1 'UNO' SMART VALVE insert PRESTA & SCHRADER valves they fit without the need for interchanging valves or fiddly changes. This pump is suitable for mountain bike (MTB) racing, hybrid, road cycles inner tubes tyres/tires. In conjunction the UNO pump is suitable for small inflatables and household items that need to be inflated, it is small compact and can be stored with ease.
✅ NO NEED TO CHANGE VALVE HEADS, just open it up click and pump away! Made with premium alloy material, hard wearing powerful and full of air! You can pump with full effort and the UNO pump will handle it! Up to maximum of 100 PSI.
✅ PREMIUM ALLOY MATERIAL, based on our research and design to be hard-wearing, tough and reliable.
✅ MOUNT AND BOLTS INCLUDED - easy to set up and attach to your bike frame.
✅ COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: 18cm x W:3cmx x H:5cm


VeloChampion MLT10 Bike Multi Tool

A great value bike multi-tool from VeloChampion. Incorporates 10 different features essential for everyday cycling. The MLT10 multi-tool is designed to make sure you can continue your ride during most bike emergencies. This compact well-designed multi-tool combines quality materials with essential features.

The main body and tools are all protected with a hardened powder coat which adds to the quality and tough feel of this product.

✅ 10 IN 1 MULTI-FUNCTION TOOL - Includes Hex Wrench (Allen Key) 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 mm, Philips Screwdriver, Flat Screwdriver & T25 Screwdriver.
✅ VERSATILE & STYLISH TOOL FOR CYCLING & HOME USE - you won't just be using this amazing tool for your mountain or road bike, it will become your EDC (Every Day Carry Gear) - perfect for lots of small jobs at home and work!
✅ RELIABLE & BUILT TO LAST - High quality durable alloy steel multi tool with chain breaker
✅ PORTABLE AND STYLISH - Compact small size handy to use and does not take up much space in MTB seat bag
✅ DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT - Foldable Size: 80 x 38 x 15 mm / Weight: 129g.
A high-quality bike multi-tool Incorporates 10 different features essential for everyday cycling emergencies.
Allen Key 2mm
Allen Key 2.5mm
Allen Key 3mm
Allen Key 4mm
Allen Key 5mm
Allen Key 6mm
Allen Key 8mm (attached to the 6mm)
Flat Screwdriver
Phillips Screwdriver
T25 Torx
The multi-tool weighs 130 grams and is protected in a hardened powder coat.
8cm x 4cm x1.5cm with all tools folded in.

VeloChampion Tyre Levers (3 Pack)

These durable Velochampion tyre levers are quick and easy to use. Suitable for all puncture repairs and come in a pack of 3 to enhance leverage when changing a tyre.

✅ Set of 3 tyre levers
✅ Made from durable plastic, not metal to preserve your wheel rims
✅ Lightweight
✅ Easy to store in your seat pack
✅ Suitable for carbon and aluminium wheels
33grams (set of 3 weighed)

VeloChampion Self-Adhesive Puncture Repair Patches (6 Pack)

Flexible anti-rip patches enable you to quickly repair your inner tube without the need for messy glue on the go. No messy glue no bulky packaging.

✅ Quick and easy to use
✅ No glue required
✅ Lightweight and easy to carry in your jersey pocket or seat pack
✅ Choose from a pack of 6 Self Adhesive Tube Patches or a pack of 10
✅ With sandpaper in a neat little carry box
✅ Stretches, flexes and twists to mould to the shape of the inner tube
✅ A must-have accessory to include as part of your puncture repair kit
non-rip patches

Please note: To achieve the best possible results repair the tube in the following method:
1. Deflate the tube completely after locating the puncture. If the tube is wet - dry with a cloth/rag
2. Gently sand the tube around the punctured area with the sandpaper - making sure the sanded area is slightly larger than the patch so the edges stick properly
3. Carefully remove the patch from the paper backing without touching the sticky area
4. Place the centre of the patch over the hole and press down firmly from the centre to the outer edges and apply pressure for 30 seconds.
5. After 30 seconds, remove pressure and allow another 30 seconds for the glue to bond to the inner tube
Inflate the tube