VeloChampion Mountain Bike Threaded Shock Pump. High Pressure up to 300 PSI with Pressure Gauge + Air Release Valve

Looking to get the optimum pressure out of your mountain bike shocks?  

Our VeloChampion Shock Pump has all you need. With integrated pressure gauge for readings up to 300PSI, air release valve for accidental over inflation, 360 degree swivel hose and locking schrader valve. 

This pump packs a punch at 300psi through a low volume, alloy body and ergonomic handle to accurately inflate your shocks.  



  • 360-degree swivel hose 
  • Durable rubber moulded handle 
  • High-pressure analogue gauge up to 300 PSI 
  • Lock on threaded connection 
  • Suitable for Schrader connections 
  • Air release button / bleed valve for accurate measurement of pressure 
  • Suitable for front and rear shocks inflation 
  • Rubber hose (22cm)