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VeloChampion Uno Alloy Bike Pump with Smart Valve - no need to change for Presta / Schrader

Introducing the groundbreaking 'UNO' Valve Pump

The all in 1 Smart Valve for PRESTA & SCHRADER valves fit without the need for interchanging valves or fiddly changes.

Make inflation easy, with all in one 'UNO' valve, do away with the days of fiddly unscrewing pump valve heads and switching heads, losing components and breaking delicate parts.

Our new 'UNO' Smart valve does away with this, Simply insert your PRESTA or SCHRADER valves, and our UNO valve adapts to the valve head you have inserted. It quickly inflates with a PSI of 80.

Made with premium alloy material, its hard wearing and excellent quality.
  • ✅ SMART AND COMPACT, FITS IN WITH YOUR LIFESTYLE AS A CYCLIST, small and compact packed with a FRAME MOUNT, so you can attach it your cycle
  • ✅ ALL IN 1 'UNO' SMART VALVE insert PRESTA & SCHRADER valves they fit without the need for interchanging valves or fiddly changes. This pump is suitable for mountain bike (MTB) racing, hybrid, road cycles inner tubes tyres/tires. In conjunction the UNO pump is suitable for small inflatables and household items that need to be inflated, it is small compact and can be stored with ease
  • ✅ NO NEED TO CHANGE VALVE HEADS, just open it up click and pump away! Made with premium alloy material, hard wearing powerful and full of air! You can pump with full effort and the UNO pump will handle it! Up to maximum of 80 PSI
  • ✅ INTEGRATED DUST CAP, to keep out debris, and keep your pump running smoothly and efficiently
  • ✅ PREMIUM ALLOY MATERIAL, based on our research and design to be hard wearing, tough and reliable, DIMENSIONS L: 18cm x W:3cmx x H:5cm
  • ✅ MOUNT AND BOLTS INCLUDED - easy to set up and attach to your bike frame
  • ✅ COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: 18cm x W:3cmx x H:5cm
  •  VALUE FOR MONEY: Additional option to add 6 self-adhesive repair patches and ball needle for just £1 

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