VeloChampion Shimano Pedal Cleats 4.5 Degree Float - Red – Velochampion

VeloChampion Shimano Pedal Cleats 4.5 Degree Float - Red

  • Compatible with Shimano SPD-SL and Exustar clip-in pedal systems.
  • - Complete with 2 cleats 6x4mm mounting bolts 6 cleat mounting washers.
  • - Weight: 50g per pair
  • - Please note: these are Shimano compatible cleats they are not Shimano branded
  • - With 4.5 Degree lateral float...

But what is float?!

Cleats feature 'float' this is the amount of natural movement your joints require your ankle to move during the pedal stroke and is an important factor.
A floating pedal system allows the foot to rotate more or less at the ball of the foot right over the center of the pedal.

Having float means that the rotational adjustment of the cleat is easier since the rider can rotate the foot into its natural position while pedaling. Float also allows for the rider's foot to rotate throughout the pedal stroke which benefits most because very few people are stable enough biomechanically to ride a fixed pedal system efficiently and without causing knee pain.

If one/both of your feet toe in or out even slightly you will need some pedal float.
If you are new to cycling we recommend starting with these 4.5 degree float cleats to see what your riding style is like and how comfortable you feel then work down to zero degree cleats - but almost all riders do require float.