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VeloChampion Bike Chain Cleaner - For all types of Bicycle Chains


VeloChampion Chain Cleaner - Keep Your Chain Clean in Winter Conditions

Top-quality 4 roller chain cleaner with wiper sponge using a superior 4 roller brush system and combined with the large wiper sponge will help extend the lifespan of your chain.

Dirty drivetrains shift poorly and wear out prematurely which is why it is very important to clean your chain regularly. The VeloChampion chain cleaner is a safe, fuss-free and mess-free way to effectively clean chains keeping the drivetrain performing efficiently.


  • Split Design Casing: The split design means chain removal isn't necessary and hand held operation is easy 
  • Refill Hole: the port hole in the top allows you to add your favourite chain cleaning fluid 
  • Easy cleaning: the 4 roller brushes and foam pad can be easily removed for cleaning after use 
  • Large reservoir for in-depth cleaning 
  • Large sponge soaks up solvent from the chain as it exits the cleaner, reducing drips and mess 
  • Clip on handle for ease of use and better control 
  • Internal stiff bristle rotating brushes clean the chain on all sides 
  • Massively prolongs chain life when used on a regular basis! 
How to use: Simply open the casing, place over the chain, close the casing, pouryour preferred cleaning fluid (not supplied) into the refill hole, hold the chain cleaner handle and turn your pedals to start cleaning.

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