VeloChampion Puncture Repair Starter Gift Pack – Velochampion

VeloChampion Puncture Repair Starter Gift Pack

This is the PERFECT gift for any rider new to cycling. A newcomer to the sport or a regular club cyclist (road or MTB) would be over the moon with this present! The package contains all the essential kit they will ever need when out on their bike. Or treat yourself to a top-quality bundle of cycling kit!

SAVE £10 off on this bundle.This is the PERFECT gift for any cyclist, whether that be for a Birthday, Christmas, or any special occasion. The bundle includes:

- Sonic Seat Pack - The VeloChampion Sonic seat pack is a classic design to fit under the saddle but with the added feature of a detachable strap should you wish to store it in your jacket rear pocket.

- MLT10 Multi-Tool. 10 different features essential for everyday cycling. The MLT10 multi-tool is designed to make sure you can continue your ride during most bike emergencies.

- Alloy 7 Mini Bike PumpOur best selling pump. Built using a quality alloy main body and tube means even at 7" in size it can still inflate to 100psi. A versatile bike pump and a number 1 seller. A great value alloy bike pump!

- 6 x Puncture Repair Patches in a handy compact box ! 6 self-adhesive tube patches that stretch, flex, twist and turns with the inner tube.

Please note: Bundle is sent out as individual items (in one parcel)