Inner Tube Recycling Programme

Looking to recycle your old inner tubes? VeloChampion has teamed up with Cycle of Good to become a drop off point for anyone who is looking to recycle their old inner tubes and create opportunities for people living in poverty in Malawi. 


Want to know more?

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions about the recycling programme below:

How do I go about recycling my inner tube(s)?

It's simple! Post them to us using the below address:

Inner Tube Recycling Programme
Maxgear Limited
E1 Waterfold Business Park

If you live locally, you can drop your inner tubes off too, but we advise that you ring ahead to book a drop off slot.

Please note; you will need to pay postage to send the tubes to us.

Can I send any size of inner tube? 

Yes you can. Any size of inner tube is fine, as long as it is a bike inner tube. 

Do I have to remove the metal inner tube valve? 

No. When the products are being recycled these can be removed, but if yours has been removed, even better. Cycle of Good accept any type of cycling inner tube and valve.

Do my inner tubes have to be a VeloChampion inner tube? 

No. We accept other brands of used inner tubes for recycling and they will be sent to Cycle of Good for recycling once a month, but if you have our tubes to recycle, even better.

My inner tubes have repair patches on. Can these still be recycled?

Yes. Tubes with puncture patches are great too, in fact they add character. The more puncture patches the merrier!

Can I recycle bike tyres?

Unfortunately we cannot recycle bike tyres at this time.

If we have not answered your question specifically, please feel free to get in touch by emailing