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VeloChampion 2 in 1 CO2 Inflator Pump Head – Quick and Easy to Use. 1 Turn Valve with Insulated Sleeve, Suitable for Presta & Schrader.

Easily inflate your tyres in seconds, saving you time so you can quickly get back on your bike! 

New to our Pump collection is the 2 in 1 VeloChampion CO2 Inflator Pump, making it much quicker to inflate your tyre compared to using a regular hand pump. This product allows you to easily carry this lightweight (32 grams) inflator and small enough to fit into your saddle bag or jersey pocket.  

Made from strong and durable aluminium alloy, this CO2 inflator head is suitable for all bike types, for Presta and Schrader inner tube valves and features our EVA foam sleeve to protect you from the cold temperatures the CO2 canister will release. VeloChampion suggests using gloves when inflating, as CO2 canisters will get very cold when in use.



  • The 2 in 1 VeloChampion CO2 Inflator Pump will fit 12 gram threaded CO2 cartridges.  
  • QUICK INFLATE  Inflate your tyre in seconds!  
  • SECURE CONNECTION – Threaded connection to the inner tube valve for a safe connection, 
  • CONTROL AIR FLOW – The easy open lever allows you to control the flow of CO2 into your inner tube. 
  • COMPACT AND DURABLE – Made from tough alloy materials. 
  • 2 IN 1 INFLATOR HEAD – Suitable for Presta and Schrader valves. 


How to use the CO2 Inflator: 

  1. Ensure the lever is set to the off position(c).  
  2. Slide the foam sleeve over the CO2 cartridge (16g only*). 
  3. Thread the cartridge clockwise into the CO2 inflator head and firmly hand tighten until fully pierced. As the cap of the cartridge is sealed you will hear a rush of gas, this is normal. DO NOT remove the cartridge until empty. 
  4. Thread the 2 in 1 valve head on to the Presta or Schrader valve.  
  5. Slowly turn the lever counter-clockwise towards a 90o angle to release the CO2 (o).  
  6. Fill the tyre to the desired pressure. 
  7.  Turn the lever 90o clockwise to close the valve.  
  8. Unscrew the inflator’s valve head from the tyre and keep the inflator head pointing away from your body to prevent injury. 
  9. Unscrew and remove the CO2 cartridge from the CO2 inflator.  



    Head Dimensions: 
    Width 5.5cm / 2.16” 
    Height: 3cm / 1.18” 
    Head Weight: 27grams / 0.9 oz 
    Head & Sleeve Weight: 32 grams / 1.1oz  

    Sleeve Dimensions: 
    Circumference9.5cm /3.74”  
    Height: 6cm / 2.36” 
    Weight: 4 grams 

    Material: Aluminium Alloy Pump Head and EVA foam sleeve 

    * Co2 cartridges are NOT included with this product.