Velochampion Essentials Repair Kit Bundle

  • MAX 100 PSI / 6.9 BAR HIGH PRESSURE CAPACITY - Velochampion Alloy 7 Mini Bike Pump saves you time & energy while dealing with a flat tyre and quickly get you back on road.
  • BIKE FRAME MOUNT & INCLUDES GLUELESS PUNCTURE REPAIR KIT - Attaches securely to your bike and holds your portable tyre pump firmly in place. Powerful yet lightweight and easy to carry. Also, it comes with glueless puncture repair kit so you are prepared for a flat tire anywhere!
  • Multitool, 16 FEATURES - including Chain Splitting Tool, Torque T-25, Chain Tool fits all sizes (8,9,10,11 speed) can also be used to re-join the chain Hex Wrench (Allen Key) 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 mm Philips Screwdriver, Flat Screwdriver, T-25
  • If your bike is punctured, you can easily change your punctured tyre and pre-glued tyre patches in minutes with VeloChampion Bike Repair Tool Kits that are commonly applied for all bikes. Includes: Sturdy tyre levers (x3), Glue-less patches (x6) and Sandpaper (x1).

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