VeloChampion Bike 'Gooj 2' Multi Tool 16 Function with Chain Breaker / Pin Splitter / Cutter

Whatever situation you find yourself in the 'GOOJ 2' tool has got everything you will need to help you get going again. This compact well designed Maxgear tool combines quality materials with maximum features only usually found on products twice its price. If you like riding trails that lead you far from the beaten track then the 'GOOJ 2' is the essential tool for you. Ideal for road cyclists mountain bikers and leisure cyclists.

The Ultimate race weight tool with everything you will need for most roadside repairs. Feedback from our test teams and customers was that the 'Gooj' was and still is the best tool available but some of our weight conscious race cyclists wanted it a little lighter.... Well here it is and now only 185grams!! Compatible with all major equipment - inc. Shimano Campagnolo and SRAM.

- SIZE - 70mm x 45mm x 20mm - WEIGHT - 185g

As used by "VCUK/Champion System Pro Cycling Team"