Velcochampion Hybrid / MTB 72mm V-Brake Pads – Velochampion

Velcochampion Hybrid / MTB 72mm V-Brake Pads

Engineered with a Tread pattern for maximum braking efficiency

We have designed this brake pad to fit in most V Brake setups for Mountain bikes and hybrid bikes.

The pattern ensures a stable balance between wet conditions and excess of heat.

The patterns ensure brakes can still operate at its most efficient during most mountain bike terrain environments.

If heat builds up with excessive braking the pad patterns are specially designed to dissipate it quickly.

Comes with all Fixtures and Fittings

All of our brake pad components come with quality fixing to ensure a stable fitting between the brake pad and mechanism.


  • Fits to most Hybrid and Mountain Bikes 72mm V Brakes
  • High-quality fixture and fittings to ensure a stable fitment between mechanism and pad
  • High quality components
  • Comes with everything you need to fit the brake pads to your bike
  • Uniquely designed tread pattern to allow for the best-operating conditions for mountain biking: Excessive braking, quick braking, wet and muddy braking, with excellent heat dissipation