Velochampion Pro High Pressure Cycling Floor/Track Pump


This quality metal track pump is ideal for your rapid and high-pressure needs. It can quickly pump high-pressure tyres to a max of 200psi and incorporates a gauge into the base for accurate measurement.

The heavy-duty main shaft and handle shaft gives a sturdy feel to the pump, especially when at the high pressures.


  • Black or white (select when ordering) coated metal main barrel padded ergonomic handle TwinHead base mount gauge pressure release button and a handle lock for easy carrying. 
  • Steel barrel and hardened steel base 
  • TwinHead hose for Presta Schrader and Dunlop valves 
  • Thumb-lock lever ensures a durable air-tight seal 
  • Easy to read 200psi low-mount gauge 
  • Padded elastomer handle 
  • Includes ball and air bladder needles


  • 68cm compact
  • 110cm with maximum leverage

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