VeloChampion Team UAE HYPERSONIC™ Cycling Sunglasses Bundle


Tried and tested by pro continental, professional cyclists and athletes.

HYPERSONIC™ - Performance Eyewear Built for Speed.

As part of VeloChampion’s ‘VeloCustom’ collection, our black frame custom HYPERSONIC™ cycling sunglasses are the perfect choice for cyclists seeking aerodynamic, unrestricted clear version at high speeds. Blind spots created by traditionally framed cycling sunglasses can be the difference between winning and losing. Our super lightweight HYPERSONIC™ custom-built sunglasses features frameless 10 base de-centred panoramic lenses that offer a 100% field of vision during fast descents or in bunch sprints.

All of our HYPERSONIC™ sunglasses have the option to add our VeloChampion Optical Insert to your HYPERSONIC™ Sunglasses. Most high street opticians will be able to add your prescription lenses into our optical lens adapter. This will enable you to use prescription custom sunglasses without the hefty price tag!

What you will receive:

  • 1 red frame
  • 1 main revo red mirror lens with UV400 sun protection
  • 2 additional lenses: clear & yellow
  • 1 soft carry pouch
  • 1 hard storage case

 Benefits of the HYPERSONIC™ Cycling Sunglasses Collection:

  • Hardwearing polycarbonate lens.
  • Panoramic design for an un-restricted field of view
  • Frameless design
  • Adjustable anti-slip ear socks.
  • Frame and nosepiece made in durable Grylamide.
  • Ultralight - weighing in at only 32 grams
  • Interchangeable lens compatibility
  • 100% UV protection lenses
  • Lens curvature design that improves side protection against sun, wind and impact
  • High Definition Optics for clarity, visual fidelity and impact resistance. EN ISO 12312-1:2013 standards 

Watch our latest video on how to change your HYPERSONIC™ Custom Sunglasses Lenses

Lens Types:

Revo Red / Revo Blue

Mirror sunglasses lenses reduce the amount of light transmitted through the lens in intense sunlight conditions resulting in greater contrast between colours when cycling. Mirror lenses tend to reduce glare too, which is especially useful in sand, snow and water conditions. One more point, as much as they have their benefits in the sun, they also look pretty cool too!

Smoked Mirror

Smoke lenses aid a reduction from blinding bright light making them ideal to wear in the daytime. The dark-tinted lenses decrease glare which is ideal for sports sunglasses. Smoke lenses are suitable for general use and provide a true colour perception.


These lenses are ideal to use in low light and dull weather conditions. The yellow lens enhances vision in overcast or foggy conditions increasing depth perception to filter out blue light.


By using a clear lens, this does not reduce brightness on to your eyes, but does provide protection for your eyes. The benefits of using a clear lens are simply to protect the eyes from any dust or debris that may be on the road or paths when out cycling at any time of the year.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do VeloChampion lenses offer UV protection? 

Yes. All of our VeloChampion lenses offer 100% UV protection and are classed as category 3 lenses to protect your eyes from harmful sunlight rays. Our clear and yellow lenses have 100% UV protection and are classed as category 0 lenses due to the clear or tinted nature of the lenses. Ideal for cycling on dull days.

How many lenses do I get with the custom sunglasses styles? 

3 in total! You will have the option to choose your main lens colour and also receive 2 additional lenses. Yellow, which will be suitable for dull days and clear, which can be worn at any time and protect your eyes from dirt and mud. 

Are the HYPERSONIC™ Sunglasses frameless? 

Yes. Hypersonic Sunglasses are perfect for athletes who want unrestricted clear vision.

How much do the HYPERSONIC™ Sunglasses weigh? 

The frame, 1 lens and nose piece weigh a combined 32grams. 


Delivery & Returns:

UK Customers will receive FREEdelivery over £50 and £1.95 for delivery under £50. 

VeloChampion has a 30-dayreturns policy if you are not 100% satisfied with your item.

All VeloChampion sunglasses have a1-year warranty on parts