VeloChampion Rear Bike Light USB with Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable via a USB port on your laptop or PC means there is no need to keep buying expensive batteries!

This bright lightweight and versatile light is perfect for the urban commuter.
The light produces 75 lumens of light allowing riders to be seen by motorists.
It fits neatly on your seatpost or you can also attach it to your helmet with the included bracket. Perfect for motorists to see!

Primarily designed with the urban rider in mind this light has been introduced to suit the needs of those wanting to cut the cost and inconvenience of replacing bike light batteries.
Simply clip your light off your bike/helmet in the morning and recharge on your work PC or clip them off at night and recharge at home. Any standard PC or laptop will have a suitable USB Port. One recharge will last most commuters all week !

Comes packaged with Micro USB cable 2 cable ties 1 helmet straps and a seatpost bracket.

A great value USB Bike Light!