VeloChampion Bike Puncture Repair Patches Self-Adhesive Kit Pack of 6

A self adhesive tube patch that stretches flexes twists and turns right along with the tube.

No messy glue no bulky packaging. Lightly roughen tube with the included sandpaper clean apply patch and you're ready to go.

  • Pack of 6 Self Adhesive Tube Patches
  • With sandpaper in a neat little carry along box
  • Stretches flexes twists and turns with the inner tube
  • Lightweight No bulky packaging
  • A must have accessory while out on your bike
  • keep in your VeloChampion Slick Seat Pack! 

As used by "Champion System Club Roost Maxgear Pro Cycling Team"

Please note: To achieve the best possible results repair the tube in the following method:

  1. Deflate the tube completely after locating the puncture
  2. If the tube is wet - dry with a cloth/rag
  3. Gently sand the tube around the punctured area with the sandpaper - making sure the sanded area is slightly larger than the patch so the edges stick properly
  4. Carefully remove the patch from the paper backing without touching the sticky area
  5. Place the centre of the patch over the hole and press down firmly from the centre to the outer edges
  6. Inflate the tube