VeloChampion Café Lock - Mini Portable Anti-theft Resettable 3 Digit Combination Cable Lock for Bicycles

  • Zinc alloy lock hook; High corrosion resistance; Strong and durable. The outer layer is made of high quality PVC plastic material to prevent scratches.900mm coiled steel cable
  • It is convenient to carry in your jersey pocket or saddle bag. Weighs only 40 grams. Weight-saving design, easy to carry.
  • 3 Digit Resettable Code on Lock, so don't worry about losing a key.
  • You can easily set your own password combination. Initial password code is [000]
  • Easy to operate and can be used for multiple purposes, inc.bicycle, wheels, helmet, saddle, luggage and much more.

* Color: Black/ White 
* Width: 4mm 
* Max length: 900mm 
* Material: Zinc alloy 
* Finish: Painted-coated 
* Original code: 000 
* Size: 900mm x 20mm x 20mm 
* Weight: 40g 

How to use: 
1 The initial combination code for this lock:0-0-0 
2 Press down the black button / lever which opens the Lock. Hold it down.  
3 Turn the the small numbered wheels (anti-clockwise) to set your preferred combination code. Let go of the black button / lever so the lock is now set.  

Please remember to keep a note of your new combination pass code.  

Package includes: 
1 x 3 Digit Combination cable lock