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VeloChampion DryPac Mobile Phone Case/Pouch with Lanyard

Perfect for outdoor sports, at the gym, on the beach, camping, at home (especially if you have children) or at an exhibition where you need to carry a pass/card around your neck.

Weather resistant / splashproof compact sports and lifestyle specific case that allows you to keep your mobile phone safe and dry yet still usable!

Once your smartphone is safely inside the DryPac you are still able to navigate the touchscreen, and control all the interfaces like answering a call or sending a text message without it getting exposed to water, dust, dirt, sweat and sand!
You can also take photos whilst your phone is inside the DryPac (image quality is slightly lower than normal)

The DryPac measures 98mm x 172mm (actual phone pocket area: 80mm x 150mm) which fits the iPhone 5 and similar smartphones with ease.

The DryPac is made from heat-sealed water-resistant clear plastic which ensures you are able to easily view and navigate your smartphone.

Please note the dimensions, as this will not fit larger mobile phones.

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