VeloChampion Elastic Lock Laces - with Fastener for Running Shoes, Trainers, Triathlon

VeloChampion Laces flex with the motion of your foot for incredible comfort during exercise or everyday use. The laces turn any shoe into a slip-on and can adjust instantly - you'll never tie laces again!

Replace the normal shoelaces on your trainers running shoes athletic shoes triathlon shoes for fast entry and easy off.

  • Plastic aglets (tips on the ends of the laces) reduced fraying and enhanced reusability i.e. removal and replacement during shoe cleaning
  • Eliminates the need to stop and retie your shoes during runs 
  • Allows quick and easy and shoe entry and removal: ideal for triathlons and marathons 
  • Reduce hotspots/bruises caused by tying laces too tight combined with the natural swelling of your feet during exercise 
  • Laces are available in black or white. 
  • Ideal for runners and triathletes

Also ideal for people with back/hip problems: when combined with a long shoehorn they can continue to wear their current lace-up shoes without the need to tie them


In order to remove the laces from the locking system, you will need to pull one of the elastic laces tightly. This makes the circumference of the lace a lot smaller and will then allow the other lace to pass through the plastic end toggle.