Luxury Anti Chafe Moisturising Cycling Chamois Cream Menthol Travel Size 75ml

Looking for a soothing Chamois Cream that will moisturise your skin and make those long rides or runs more bearable?

Our Luxury Menthol 75ml Travel Size Chamois Cream reduces friction so you feel fresh and comfortable whilst in the saddle. Acting as a barrier cream designed for cyclists and runners, this antibacterial cream will provide you with an effective non-greasy application that can be re-applied when needed and is perfect for storing in your saddle bag or jersey pocket.


Why do I need to use a chamois cream?

If you have experienced saddle soreness and discomfort whilst cycling, our new VeloChampion Non-Menthol Chamois Cream can aid comfort whilst in the saddle.


How do I apply chamois cream?

We advise that you apply your chamois cream pre-run or ride. We advise 2 ways to apply the chamois cream:

  1. Apply the VeloChampion Chamois Cream directly to your skin before putting on your cycling shorts.
  2. Apply the VeloChampion Chamois Cream to the chamois pad within your cycling shorts before wearing them.

Always wash your hands before and after the application.



  • Antibacterial

  • Non-greasy application and will not stain your chamois pad

  • Prevents saddle soreness

  • Suitable for men or women

  • Reduces friction

  • Moisturises skin