VeloChampion Chain Cleaning Kit – Chain Cleaner plus 1 Litre Drivetrain Degreaser

If you are looking for the ideal way to clean your chain, then look no further!

Our VeloChampion Chain Cleaning Kit allows you to clean your bike chain without the need for removing it from your bike with Drivetrain Degreaser also included.

The fast-acting solution gets to work quickly on any excess dirt on your bike components. To get the best performance from your VeloChampion Drivetrain Degreaser, we recommend you follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Shake well to activate ingredients before use.
  2. Open the chain cleaner lid, removing the metal locking mechanism.
  3. Pour the Drivetrain Degreaser into the Chain Cleaner up to the maximum line.
  4. Sit the Chain Cleaner underneath your chain.
  5. Place the lid of the Chain Cleaner on top of the chain, so your chain will sit in between the two elements of the Chain Cleaner.
  6. Rotate the drive side pedal to feed the chain through the Chain Cleaner to clean your chain.
  7. Once clean, remove the lid once again, detach the Chain Cleaner Tool from the chain and dispose of the dirty cleaning fluid carefully.
  8. Ensure any excess moisture on your chain is dried off using a cloth.
  9. We advise that you re-lubricate your chain once you have cleaned your chain and drivetrain components.

We are proud to announce that all of our VeloChampion cleaning products are fully biodegradable and made in the UK with over 10 years experience of producing affordable cycling equipment and accessories.