Easy to install - Road Calliper Brake Pads (pair)

Easy and Quick to install, High Compatibility with most Caliper Brakes

    • The road brake pad is approximately 50mm / 1.97 inch in length; Each piece has a nut and a spacer, it's easy to remove and install with the tool.
    • Good compatibility: these versatile brake pads are suitable for most road brake bikes; Each pair c brake pad has left and right part, without front and rear, every piece brake pad has a text mark.
    • the bike brake pads are made of hard-wearing rubber which can decrease noise and provide good braking power in wet and dry conditions.
    • To fit standard Shimano/Sram brakes and Campagnolo systems
    • 1) Debris and Mudguard to protect the brake rim against mud and debris impacting brake performance

      2) Angled Water Vent, allows for water accumulation to roll of fast preventing brake loss

      3) Heat dissipation Vent, allows for hot gasses to vent off during braking allowing you to brake for longer and for more distances, preventing braking failure

    • H1

      Fits any standard CALIPER BRAKING SET, just simply detach and unscrew the old brake pads and insert these, which can then be tightened with an ALLEN KEY.

      Made with advanced brake material compound. Made to ensure maximum braking performance and durability.

      Easy to install


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