VeloChampion Triathlon / Running Race Number Belt Fully Adjustable - Adult L/XL

The VELOCHAMPION Triathlon / Running Race Number Belt is a race bib number holder that is worn during events in order to hold your race number. The point of wearing a triathlon / running belt is so that you do not have to pin your race number on to your tri suit thereby poking holes into the material and potentially ruining a piece of kit you paid a lot of money for.

The main benefit of wearing a triathlon belt is that you need your number to be visible from the back on the bike but from the front on the run. If your number is pinned to your tri suit using safety pins, you won't be able to swap it around. If you wear a VC triathlon race belt, you will be able to easily swivel your number from your back to your front between disciplines, saving precious time during the transition.

This race number belt features two toggles at the front. Simply take the black toggle off the yellow elasticated lace, slide your bib number through the pieces of lace, and then replace the toggles so that the race number is fastened into place. That's it! You can wear your number belt wherever it is comfortable on your body, whether that's round your waist or round your hips. 

PERFECT FOR RUNNING EVENTS- Ideal for athletes participating in a variety of running and triathlon events. This running belt is perfect for 5k, 10k, obstacle, and triathlon events. It ensures the stability of your race number while providing comfort.

✅ QUALITY AND COMFORT WITHOUT COMPROMISE: Experience quality and comfort with the VeloChampion race belt, a lightweight design crafted from high-grade elastane. This adjustable running waist belt provides a snug fit that withstands sweat and water. Ideal for triathlon and running events, it eliminates the need for safety pins, protecting your clothing from damage. Choose Velochampion for an uncompromised performance.

SUITABLE FOR ADULT RUNNERS (SIZE L/XL):Weighing just 37 grams, it’s super lightweight and won’t hinder your running performance. Adult (size L/XL) running waist beltdimensions: 93 x 2.5 x 0.5 cm / 36.6" x 1" x 0.1" (length x width x depth).

✅ EFFORTLESS NUMBER ATTACHMENT: Simply remove the toggles, place your running race number through the bright elastic threads. Re-apply the toggles on to the elastic threads attaching them close to the running number to prevent movement. It’s a simple process that takes less than a minute!