VeloChampion Adjustable Running Triathlon Sports Number Belt Waistpack - KIDS

The VeloChampion Children's Running Number Belt is an ideal piece of kit that will enable an efficient way of displaying the event number without making holes or ripping sports clothing when pulled or tugged at from excess movement during a race.

Our VeloChampion Children's Running Number Belt is fully adjustable to fit around your child's waist during running, cycling, or triathlon events. Made from durable elastic and hardwearing toggle and clasp buckle to withstand movement.

[NO SAFETY PINS NEEDED]Our VeloChampion Children's Running Belt offers a unique way of displaying your child's even number without damaging or creating holes in expensive sports clothing to provide a comfortable fit.

[FRICTION FREE COMFORT] Designed for comfort and one of the lightest number belts around weighing in at only 30 grams. Sweat and water-resistant. Made of soft and lightweight elastic to provide a snug fit for your child.

[FULLY ADJUSTABLE] Expand or reduce the length of this running belt to fit your child's waist comfortably. From 19.6 inches to 25.5 inches / 65cm in length. An essential accessory for all running and triathlon events.

[SECURE BUCKLE]Strong clasp buckle that can withstand movement and knocks when running to provide a secure waistband between waistband and body. This belt has quick-press button number toggles to put your race number securely in place before the event.

[A CYCLING BRAND YOU CAN TRUST]  VeloChampion is a leading cycling and triathlon company, with over 10 years of experience. We specialise in pumps, inner tubes, and essential bike equipment to gear you up and get you out.

We also stock adult-sized VeloChampion Running Belts too.

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