VeloChampion MISSILE, Custom UV400 Customisable Cycling Sunglasses Bundle

Missile - Pro-Level Eyewear Built for Performance

Tried and tested by pro continental and professional cyclists and athletes.

Designed for world-class cyclists. The VeloChampion Black MISSILE Sunglasses bundle is part of our ˜VeloCustom" pro-level cycling eyewear collection. Tested to the highest levels in cycling, these custom cycling sunglasses feature our patentedVISION LOCK„¢ system. This provides cyclists with a secure lens change system that ensures that no lens movement happens whilst on the bike or running and allows for a quick change to alternative lenses for a variety of weather conditions.  

All MISSILE sunglasses from the VeloCustom range can be provided in 6 different frame colours; white & red, yellow, red, green, blue & white and black. Lenses are available in 4 styles; mirror red, mirror blue, mirror green and smoke.  As well as 5 noise bridge colour options; red, black, white, yellow or blue. This Missile custom sunglasses set can enable you to combine the colours of your kit, bike and accessories.

All of our MISSILE sunglasses have the option to add our VeloChampion Optical Insert to your Missile Sunglasses. Most high street opticians will be able to add your prescription lenses into our optical lens adapter. This will enable you to use prescription custom sunglasses without the hefty price tag!

Your MISSILE eyewear set comes with a FREE Eva Case. You can also purchase a Soft Bag to protect your sunglasses from scratches too!

Our MISSILE„¢  Frame Sunglasses Bundle Includes:

  • 1 frame with VISION LOCK System
  • 1 nose piece
  • 1 main fitted lens
  • 2 additional lenses - clear and yellow
  • Soft storage case 
  • EVA hard case

Benefits of MISSILE„¢ Frame Custom Sunglasses:

  • Polycarbonate lens
  • 10 base de-centred quality lens for superior optical clarity
  • VISION LOCK„¢system with  interchangeable lens technology
  • Rubber ear socks to reduce movement whilst tackling rough terrain
  • Frame and Nose Piece made in durable Grylamide
  • Interchangeable lens complies with CE standards and 100% UV protection
  • Lens curvature design that improves side protection against sun, wind and impact

Lens Types:

Revo Red / Revo Blue:

Mirror sunglasses lenses reduce the amount of light transmitted through the lens in intense sunlight conditions resulting in greater contrast between colours when cycling. Mirror lenses tend to reduce glare too, which is especially useful in sand, snow and water conditions. One more point, as much as they have their benefits in the sun, they also look pretty cool too!

Smoked Mirror:

Smoke lenses aid a reduction from blinding bright light making them ideal to wear in the daytime. The dark-tinted lenses decrease glare which is ideal for sports sunglasses. Smoke lenses are suitable for general use and provide a true colour perception.


These lenses are ideal to use in low light and dull weather conditions. The yellow lens enhances vision in overcast or foggy conditions increasing depth perception to filter out blue light.


By using a clear lens, this does not reduce brightness on to your eyes, but does provide protection for your eyes. The benefits of using a clear lens are simply to protect the eyes from any dust or debris that may be on the road or paths when out cycling at any time of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do VeloChampion lenses offer UV protection? 

Yes. All of our VeloChampion lenses offer 100% UV400 protection to protect your eyes from harmful sunlight rays, even our clear and yellow lenses have Category 3 protection. 

How many additional lenses do I get with the custom sunglasses styles? 

3 in total! You will have the option to choose your main lens colour and also receive 2 additional lenses. Yellow, which will be suitable for dull days and clear, which can be worn at any time and protect your eyes from dirt and mud. 

How does the VISION LOCK System work on the MISSILE Sunglasses? 

Turn the VISION LOCK System tab at the top centre of the frame to unlock. Then simply sit the lens of the MISSILE into each side of the sunglasses frame and gently push the lens into the top of the frame. When in place, twist the VISION LOCK System tab to lock the lens in place. Take a look at our video to see how to use the VISION LOCK system and how tochange your lenses

What type of cyclists are the MISSILE Sunglasses suitable for? 

The MISSILE Sunglasses are suitable for all cyclists. The rubber ear socks allow for a secure fit whilst cycling and are also suitable for road cyclists and mountain bikers riding over bumpy terrain. 

Are the MISSILE„¢ Sunglasses lightweight? 

The frame, 1 lens and nosepiece weigh a combined 35grams. 

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