VC Brand Ambasadors

For 2016 we are excited to announce that Pro Tour rider Jarlinson Pantano of 'IAM Cycling', The Full 'Servetto Footon Women's race team", Brasil National Women's road race champion Janilde Fernandes, Belgium men's Continental Team Superano Ham / Isorex, and the UK's top development team VCUK will all be wearingVeloChampion cycling sunglasses.

Keep checking for some exciting developments, limited editions and brand new models in 2016.

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VeloChampion Multi Tool Bike Hacks.

A multi-tool is a must for any bike ride. Leave the house without one and you can guarantee you will need it. From tightening a loose headset to re-linking a snapped chain, a multi-tool can get you back on the road within minutes and save you walking 15 miles into the nearest town. Read on to see which hacks we have found to get you out of a difficult situation using our VeloChampion Multi Tools.
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Advocates of Women’s Cycling

Its International Womens Day and we celebrate this day every year by showing how we appreciate Women across social media with hashtags such as #IWD #Womensday #empoweringwomen etc., but this doesnt seem to translate into the real world. 
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velochampion bike pump buyers guide
A VeloChampion Buyer’s Guide To Pumps

A bike pump is an essential tool for any cyclist, but how do you choose the right one for you and your bike? Our VeloChampion pump buyer’s guide will explain the fundamentals you want to consider before purchasing.

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