How to Choose your Perfect Pair of VELOCHAMPION Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of those pieces of kit that every rider should carry, whether to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays in the current sunny, early spring weather. Or whether it is simply to prevent mud, dirt and debris from the road entering your eyes in wintry conditions. A decent pair of sunglasses is essential for every rider at every level of the sport.

Here at VELOCHAMPION HQ, we pride ourselves on producing sunglasses for a wide range of cyclists. From junior cyclists starting out, leisure cyclists or professional riders in UCI teams. We have a pair of sunglasses for most weather conditions and head shapes. This is why this blog will be able to give you guidance on which pair of sunglasses will be suitable for you.



  • What would you be using the sunglasses for? – leisure cycling, racing, mountain biking, other hobbies including driving, running, golfing, sailing and fishing.

  • What type of shape are you looking for? – frameless or with a frame; semi-panoramic lens or wide view lens.

  • What lenses do you prefer? – Smoke, colour mirror, yellow or clear. Some of our styles come with lens variants.

  • What features do you prefer on a pair of sunglasses? - Do you want an all-singing, all-dancing pair of sunglasses or a pair that does the job and protects your eyes?

  • What is your price point? – do you have a budget to stick to?

 Once you have asked yourself these questions, you should have more of an idea of the type of sunglasses you would be looking for. Now to figure out the type of lenses VELOCHAMPION supply. 


All of ourVELOCHAMPION cycling sunglasses lenses are designed for high-definition optics for clarity, visual fidelity and impact resistance. All lenses include sun protection that filters out 100% of UVA / UVB / UV light.

All of our VELOCHAMPION sunglasses have Category 3 UV protection (the highest sunglasses protection is category 4). This refers to extra protection from both visible and UV light. These lenses will usually only allow less than 20% of visible light to penetrate the lens blocking out 80% of light, which is perfect for sporting activities including all forms of cycling.

Smoke Lens:


Smoke lenses aid a reduction from blinding bright light making them ideal to wear in the daytime. The dark-tinted lenses decrease glare which is ideal for sports sunglasses. Smoke lenses are suitable for general use and provide a true colour perception.

Mirror Lens:

Mirror sunglasses lenses reduce the amount of light transmitted through the lens in very bright conditions resulting in greater contrast between colours when cycling. Mirror lenses tend to reduce glare too, which is especially useful in sand, snow and water conditions. One more point, as much as they have their benefits in the sun, they also look pretty cool too!

Clear Lens:

By using a clear lens, this does not reduce brightness on to your eyes, but does provide 100% UV protection. The benefits of using a clear lens are simply to protect the eyes from any dust or debris that may be on the road or paths when out cycling at any time of the year, but note our clear lenses still have 100% UVA/UVB/UV protected.


These lenses are ideal to use in low light and dull weather conditions. The yellow lens enhances vision in overcast or foggy conditions increasing depth perception to filter out blue light.



So after looking at the benefits and features of sunglasses in general, here we show all of our sunglasses specific to budget and features. Find your perfect pair today.  


Our VELOCHAMPIONTornado Cycling Sunglasses come with interchangeable lenses and are ultra-lightweight, weighing in at only 29 grams which makes them perfect for all sports. Available in 4 colours (blue, white, black and red) these sunglasses are perfect for leisure riding. The important curvature of the lens follows that of the eyeball but are kept sturdy with a central nose piece frame. Each pair of Tornado Sunglasses comes with three lenses - smoked, clear and yellow.



OurWarp Cycling Sunglasses are one of our best sellers. With the removal of the central nose piece, this enhances a wider field of vision. Available in 6 colours (black, silver, green, red, yellow and white) and weighing  32 grams. The sculpted sleek frame design combined with the Gelgrip ear socks provide all-day comfort due to the lightweight, stress-resistant frame. All Warp sunglasses come with smoked, clear and yellow lenses.  Worn and tested by professional teams such as NIPPO Vini Fantini Faizane and UAE Team Emirates.

Junior Warp 


On the back of the success of our VELOCHAMPION Warp Sunglasses, we have recently developed a junior version specifically to fit children aged 6-12 years old. With safety, style and comfort is paramount in the design our Junior Warp sunglasses allow a unique fit to children’s faces paired with the style of our adult sunglasses and the lightweight durability at only 24 grams. TheJunior Warp Cycling Sunglasses come with 1 fitted smoked lens.



Weighing in at 31 grams the VELOCHAMPION Vortex design has a deeper lens design to provide more coverage of the face. The adjustable nose piece and ear socks position the Vortex perfectly on your face.Vortex Cycling Sunglasses come with 3 lenses and also an EVA hard case to protect your sunglasses.



Weighing in at 35 grams ourMissile cycling sunglasses incorporates a unique VISION LOCK™ system, this enables fast lens changes to suit all lighting situations, aerodynamic design for a comfortable secure fit. Available in 6 different colour framesets, 5 different coloured nose pieces and 6 different lens options, you are able to customise your eyewear to match your kit.



The VELOCHAMPIONHypersonic cycling sunglasses sets are our most customisable pair of sunglasses yet.

This design encompasses a wider lens design to compass the face for a frameless view at high whilst on the bike. The lightweight (32 grams) semi-panoramic sunglasses are part of our ‘VELO Custom’ Collection offering 6 frame colours, 6 lens colours and 5 nose bridge variations so you can customise your sunglasses to match your kit! These sunglasses are a perfect choice for athletes wanting unrestricted clear vision at high speed. Worn by Professional Rider Darwin Atapuma.



TheVC CYCLONE Sunglassesare our most technical pair of sunglasses yet! Specifically developed for an extra-large field of vision and brimming with an abundance of features, if you want a cool pair of all-singing, all-dancing sunglasses for 2019 then the VC CYCLONE is it!

Built with a sweat-reduction band, anti-fogging system with airflow vents, rubber nose piece and best of all, adjustable arms to fit most cyclists’ heads.  Moreover, this feature has benefits in the winter, as the sunglasses arms will adjust to allow extra layers on your head such as a VC skull cap. The VC CYCLONE weighs in at just 34 grams, but the frameless design features don’t stop there. We have developed this pair of sunglasses to make it very easy to change lenses and swap to any of the additional 3 lenses that are included. In the package you will receive a total of 4 lenses - blue mirror, smoked, yellow and clear - along with a soft carry pouch and an EVA hard case to protect your sunglasses. A lot of bang for your buck!

 Looking for something to wear when off the bike?

Casual Sunglasses 


Available in 4 styles and 2 colours brown or black. Our Milan and Transitioncasual sunglassesare ideal for casual wear. Perfect for casual wear, whether you are simply taking a walk, driving or practising outdoors sports such as cycling, running, golf or fishing. The stylish Milan sunglasses are available in Black with smoke lens or Brown Tortoiseshell with brown lens. Our Transition sunglasses fit nearer to the face for a close lens fit to the eyes. These sunglasses are available in a translucent brown or black frame with matching lenses.

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