It’s International Women’s Day and we want to shout about the top five news stories that have pushed forward the inclusion and participation in women's cycling.

  1. Pandemic saw an increase in women’s cycling

  2. Tour De France Femmes

  3. Flanders equal prize money

  4. Cycle of Good

  5. Women’s Tour route announced


1. Women’s cycling participation increased by 51% during the pandemic.

It became a lot easier to hop on your bike during the covid lockdowns, due to the public spending more time at home. Whilst the weather played a part, the amount of cars on the road reduced by 21%, this was the perfect storm for cyclists to take advantage of the quiet roads and an ideal time for new cyclists to get used to road cycling.

The Department for Transport statistics reported a 12% increase in cycling for men during the pandemic, whilst a larger 51% increase of women choosing to cycle.


2. The Inaugural Tour De France Femmes


Even if your uncle Tom isn’t into cycling, he’s probably heard of the Tour De France. Who hasn’t?!

But this year, step forward the Inaugural Tour De France Femmes. Starting on July 24th at the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, this race will continue to increase in severity across the 8 stages tackling 4 flat days, 2 hill stages and 2 mountain stages. All eyes on women's cycling organised by the leaders in the sport.


3. The Tour of Flanders to pay equal prize money to men and women

Female cyclists are continuing to fight for equal prize money in women’s pro cycling and recently organisers of the Tour of Flanders have announced that they will be paying €50,000 in prize money for the winners of the women’s race, matching the mens prize money.
  " From 2023 onwards, it's our intention to equalise the prize money for all our spring races." - Tomas van den Spiegel, the CEO of Flanders Classics, talking to Belgian newspaper De Tijd


4. Charity Cycle of Good recycles your unwanted inner tubes and educates women in Malawi

cycle of good international womens day inner tube recycling

Cycle of good allows you to sustainably recycle your old or unwanted inner tubes to give women in Malawi access to education and training.

The cycle of good charity allows you to be a part of a circular economy; reusing unwanted or waste products from the UK and turning them into profit. It’s a quiet revolution of skills building and economic growth in a country with no welfare state.

Cycle of Good have helped to educate over 2000 local women and have completed a diploma training course to make, bags and accessories out of recycled inner tubes.

VeloChampion* is proud to be a Cycle of Good drop off point. If you wish to support the charity, you can purchase their recycled gifts online or send us your unwanted inner tubes to:

Maxgear Limited
E1 Waterfold Business Park
Greater Manchester

*registered as Maxgear Limited as a drop off point on the cycle of good website

5. Organisers announce the first 2 stages of the Women’s Tour

On International Women's Day, the Women’s Tour organisers Sweetspot have revealed 2 stages of the 6 stage Women’s Tour taking place from Monday 6th – Saturday 11th June 2022.

Stage 1 will be starting from Colchester and finishing at Bury St Edmunds, with stage 5 taking place in Wales, Pembrey Country Park, to Black Mountain. Black Mountain is a hill-top finish with two hairpin bends and inclines of up to 21% gradient, it is sure to be a spectacle.

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