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SHARK Composites, the history


SHARK Composites, based in Bolton UK, was born out of a passion for Cycling and Triathlon. Having successfully developed some of the world's leading cycling products through VELOCHAMPION, the owners, Wayne and Ciaran, decided to launch their own frames and utilise their product and technical knowledge. SHARK Composites is at the cutting edge of bicycle design, the products incorporate some unique and innovative features to help you achieve your personal goals.

The technology behind SHARK Composites

When we designed the SHARK frames we wanted to create something that would be truly outstanding. Not only did we take its name from one of the most advanced creatures on the planet we also borrowed its unique skin and applied it to our frames.

In recent years many studies on the shark's ability to cut though water have been carried out, the result? Shark skin has denticles or tiny teeth which creates turbulence near the edge of moving objects, reducing drag. We took this research and developed a graphic application only 0.25mm in a pattern of the frame which creates low pressure at critical leading-edge points such as; on the front of bars, inside the forks and the rear stays. 

However, we didn't just stop there, any true aerodynamic tt/tri frameset must offer the best aerodynamics at the frontal area. At SHARK, we focused our efforts on producing the complete package with our Frontal Drag Reduction System (FDRS) which combines our Hammerhead handlebar system, hidden (but easily accessed) front brake and internal cable routing. 

And finally, before the prototype stage we utilised the most advanced CFD software to evaluate all aspects of aerodynamics of our frames before development. This allowed us to make tiny detail changes that make big differences in the overall aerodynamic package.

Have a look at our shark range here.

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August 23, 2019

Yes Tom, we have stopped selling SHARK frames

Doc Tom
Doc Tom

August 23, 2019

Did you stop selling shark frames and close shark composites? Sadly, I can not find shark frames via maxgear in eBay any more…

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