VeloChampion Heavy Duty Nylon Tyre Levers with Spoke Hooks (3pack)

Superior to our entry level tyre levers. Our new VeloChampion Heavy Duty Tyre Levers are designed to withstand changing any tyre quickly and efficiently.  

Made from Nylon, our levers offer superior durability and high tensile strength without the unnecessary weight. With a combined weight of 48g (16g per lever) these tyre levers can be easily stacked together for compact storage within your seat pack. 

Whether on the road, hitting the single track or commuting to work, these tyre levers are an essential part of your kit to keep on hand when out on the bike.   

  • MADE FOR MOST BIKE TYPES “ From mountain bike to road bikesBMX or Kids bikes. Our VeloChampion Tyre Levers are designed for most wheel types and by using all 3 you will have enough leverage to remove most tyres.  
  • HIGH TENSILE STRENGTH YET LIGHTWEIGHT “ Our Nylon Fibre Tyre Levers are designed to withstand the force of leveraging the tyre from your bike wheel, yet with the weight of just 16g per tyre lever (3-pack 48g). 
  • COMPACT AND EASY TO STORE “ Designed for all 3 levers to effortlessly stack together and store within your saddle bag, our tyre levers are an essential part of your kit to keep to hand when out on the bike.  
  • IN-BULT SPOKE HOOK DESIGN “ Ever had a problem keeping your tyre levers in place when removing a tyre? Our levers are designed with unique spokes. By using the grooves either side of the lever head, these will allow you to easily click the levers on to your wheel spokes to prevent unwanted movement. Check out our images for more details of how to use these levers.    


Width 3cm 

Height 11cm 

Depth 0.8cm 



Weight (all including packaging) 51g 

Product (x 1 lever) 16g 

All 3 levers 48g