Velochampion Road Bike Rear Mudguard Fender

Fits most seats, is flexible and strong and protects against mud and water

This very simple but ultra-effective rear mudguard from VeloChampion is a must-have accessory for every cyclist.

The minimalist but ingenious flat design turns into a curved rear mudguard once inserted into the rails of your saddle! There's no need for tools or brackets either.

The VeloChampion Rear Guard is extremely lightweight - you won't know it's there until you get to your destination with a dry back.


    1️ƒ£ Fold along the lines as marked on the instructions to better cover your wheel. 2️ƒ£ Insert the mudguard under the saddle and hook behind the saddle rails.
    3️ƒ£ Hook the cable tie through the fender head and around the saddle rails to keep in place.
  • [PROTECTION FROM MUD AND RAINWATER] Made from durable plastic composite, this mudguard protects you from your bike kicking up excess mud and rainwater when cycling on muddy, wet or loose terrain.
  • [LIGHTWEIGHT] Weighing in at just 24g (road) this fender won't slow you down, yet adds a good level of protection when on the roads or singletracks.
  • [SUITABLE FOR MOST SADDLES] The VeloChampion rear mudguard can be cut to fit the shape. This mudguard can easily fit the underside of your saddle rails and will fit up to 80% of saddles. PLEASE NOTE: Does not fit Brooks saddles.
  • [A CYCLING BRAND YOU CAN TRUST] VeloChampion is a leading cycling and triathlon company, with over 12 years experience. We specialise in pumps, inner tubes and essential equipment to gear you up and get you out.

Bike Type Width at
Narrowest Point
Width at
Widest Point
Tail Length Full Length
Road 4.2cm / 1.5" 8.3cm / 3" 21cm / 8.2" 38cm / 15"

Please note: Not compatible with BROOKS saddles