VeloChampion Sports Ball Pump + 5 Ball Inflation Needles for Football, Volleyball, Netballs

Looking for a pump to inflate your football, volleyball, netball, or any other sports balls? VeloChampion specialise in cycling pumps, so you can rest assured that you are getting a quality sports ball inflation pump from us. Easy-grip handle and inflation plus 5 spare inflation needles. 

  • EASY INFLATE SPORTS BALL PUMP “ Keep your sports equipment inflated for optimum performance. Air Pump for your Football, Rugby Ball, Volleyball, Basketball, Handball and other Inflatable Devices
  • QUICK INSTALL + 5 INFLATION ATTACHMENTS “ Don't fuss with other pump attachments, this sports ball pump allows you to easily fasten in the inflation needle and off you go! The rubberised handle improves comfort whilst inflating and 5 inflation needles are also included.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO STORE “ Weighing only 105g this sports ball pump is lightweight and fits neatly into any kit bag ensuring the best performance from your sports equipment at any time.
  • HOW TO USE “ 1. unscrew the cap of the pump. 2. Screw in the metal inflation needle 3. Replace and screw in the black plastic cap to create an airtight seal 4. Insert into your sports ball and inflate.



Height 21cm 

Width 2.5cm 

Depth 3cm