VeloChampion Premium Triathlon Double Bottle Cage Mounting Kit + 2 Cages Ideal for Triathlons, Road and Time Trial Bikes

Looking to take on more fluids whilst time trialling or during the bike stage of a triathlon?

Our VeloChampion premium double cage mounting kit enables you to efficiently mount 2 water bottles to any road or TT saddle rails. Our adjustable mount will enable you to find the optimum height for your streamline position whilst cycling, so reaching for that bidon doesn’t slow you down.


STURDY AND PROFESSIONAL DOUBLE BOTTLE CAGE MOUNT – Once attached to your saddle rails this ergonomic alloy mount holds the sturdy nylon water bottles at the back of your bike in place for easy access whilst cycling.

ADJUSTABLE BOTTLE HEIGHT – Complete with 2 nylon water bottle cages, these bidon/bottle holders are fully adjustable to ensure your bottles are at the correct height for your reach, designed to aid comfort and accessibility. 

IDEAL FOR TRIATHLONS AND LONG DISTANCE CYCLISTS: This sleek design weighs just 203 grams (alloy mount + 2 nylon cages), allowing you to focus taking on fuel efficiently whilst pushing your limits.

SUITABLE FOR MOST SADDLES: Designed for most road bike and time trial saddle rails. Check out our images to see how to fit this double cage mount perfectly to your saddle.  

 CONTENTS: x2 lightweight water bottle cages. X1 strong alloy mount (water bottles not included).