From never wanting to cycle again, to clocking up over 100miles each week, Peter Herbert has gone from hating to loving cycling. Find out how he got into the sport and how he has now become a Brand Ambassador for VeloChampion.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I discovered my passion for fitness training over twenty years ago and made the decision to be the best instructor and personal trainer I could be. Since then I have consistently been building and adding to my repertoire of training methods, knowledge of nutrition and even life coaching in order to deliver the highest standard of health and fitness to my clients as a Personal Trainer based in Kent.

How did you get into cycling?

Four years ago, a good friend of mine asked if I wanted to take part in a charity bike ride. Initially, I said no due to not having a bike, but on the agreement that he would find me a bike to borrow, I then decided to give it a go. Having taught spin classes for many years, I thought how hard can it be?  

With four weeks of training and off we went. It was one of the hardest things I had ever done with my response “Never again. That is the last time I get on a road bike!” Two months later I decided to give it another go and with much determination, I didn’t want cycling to beat me, so I found a bike and now I can’t get enough of cycling. Most weeks I cycle over 100 miles a week with friends.

What are your cycling achievements?

Last year I took part in another charity bike ride in Majorca cycling 183 miles over 2 days. It was great to meet other like-minded people in a cycling haven like Majorca.

What is your favourite VeloChampion product?

The Cyclone Cycling Sunglasses are super cool! You will probably see me wearing these most times I go out for a ride on the bike and it’s pretty easy to switch up the lenses too, which is great because I wear them in most weathers.

Why did you want to become a VeloChampion Brand Ambassador?

I have been wearing VeloChampion products for a number of years now, they’re comfortable and reasonably priced and look pretty slick too. Primarily I wanted to become a Brand Ambassador to help show diversity in all sports but especially cycling.

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