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Inner tubes. How do you dispose of your tubes once they have had their day? VeloChampion has partnered up with Cycle of Good to create a sustainable way to recycle inner tubes and create opportunities to educate people living in Malawi.

With over 152 million inner tubes being disposed of, research conducted by the Association of Cycle Traders (ACT) found that 44,000 tonnes of bike tyres and tubes are being sent to landfill every year. VeloChampion is proud to sell quality Inner Tubes for a variety of bike types, but after you have had a puncture and the tube is no longer able to be used, what do you do?

Cycle of Good is helping to end poverty in one of the poorest communities in the world. Named partly for their links to the cycling industry, but mainly because they are creating a cycle or a continuum of positive change.

To date Cycle of Good have trained over 2000 tailors, 3000 IT students and 200 early years’ professionals.

Instead of sending old resources to Malawi, they send materials for recycling and place orders for goods. With containers already being sent across to supply books, bikes, computers and sewing machines, more recently Cycle of Good have used inner tubes to supply tailors with materials to transform them into useful items such as; bags, tech cases and wallets. Tailors get paid a fair wage which is above the national minimum wage in Malawi. This is dignifying work, a transaction of equals that builds skills and self-esteem. As UK consumers become more and more conscious of the urgent need to refuse the use of plastics and to recycle wherever possible, inner tubes become a great way to reuse, remake and recycle.

If you have 1 or 50 inner tubes stored away that you no longer use and wish to recycle, please use our VeloChampion offices (Bury, Greater Manchester) as a drop off point. We will then dispatch the collected tubes once a month to the Cycle of Good head office in Stoke on Trent as part of the inner tube recycling programme.

You may have further questions about our inner tube partnership programme. If so, please view the link below to find out more.

VeloChampion is proud to become a collection point for inner tube recycling for Cycle of Good and looks to introduce more sustainable ways of working in the future.

For more information about Cycle of Good and to visit their online store of recycled gifts, visit


Cycle of Good is the enterprise operated by Krizevac Project which is a UK registered charity (1115608).

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