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We all love wearing sunglasses in the summer right? Protecting your eyes from the glaring sun, hiding the strain when reaching the pinnacle of a tough climb and needless to say, they look pretty good too. But what about using your sunglasses in the winter conditions and low light?  

Are you scratching your head wondering why? Well, let us explain... 

If you’re not just a fair-weather rider, you will know that you need to be prepared for the rain, wind, snow and whatever else the weather may throw at you. Debris on the road, whether mud, stones or water, will soon wear down your bike and continuously trying to keep your bike clean in winter is a tough job.  

So if you look after your bike, why not look after your eyes too? 

We have specialized in making easy to afford cycling sunglasses for the last 10 years. One thing we pride ourselves in, is providing value for money and all of our sunglasses come with additional lenses to enable you to continue cycling in low light and to protect your eyes from dirt and debris in the cooler months. We don’t just sell 1 lens (like some other brands) we want to give you value for money.  

So, which lenses are suitable for which weather? 

Clear Lenses: 


By using a clear lens, this does not reduce brightness on to your eyes, but does provide 100% UV protection. The benefits of using a clear lens are simply to protect the eyes from any dust or debris that may be on the road or cycle routes when out at any time of the year and gives you a clear view of the road without the need for squinting when in the rain or mud.  

Perfect for dull dark days and in the rain. 


Yellow Lenses: 


The yellow lens enhances vision in overcast or foggy conditions increasing depth perception to filter out blue light. This lens will also reduce glare from low lying fog or cloud so you can focus on your cycling. 

Ideal for cycling in low light on cloudy/foggy days and in dusk. 


Smoke / Mirror (Revo) Lenses 


These lenses aid a reduction in the amount of light transmitted through the lens to reduce the amount of glare from the sun in the summer months and give a true colour perception. Good for high-intensity sun and snow conditions. 

Great for bright conditions with a high amount of glare. Sunny winter mornings. 

Need a prescription insert? 


Our Missile Custom Cycling Sunglasses & Hypersonic Custom Cycling Sunglasses both have the option to add an optical insert into your custom sunglasses design to allow you to wear your prescription lenses and gain the UV protection from the sunglasses lenses. Win. Win. Most opticians can fit prescriptions to the lens adapters. 


All of our VELOCHAMPION sunglasses lenses are designed for high-definition optics for clarity, visual fidelity and impact resistance. All lenses include sun protection that filters out 100% of UVA/UVB/UV light. 

Each lens has Category 3 UV protection (the highest sunglasses protection is category 4). This refers to extra protection from both visible and UV light. These lenses will usually only allow less than 20% of visible light to penetrate the lens blocking out 80% of light, which is perfect for sporting activities including all forms of cycling, running, skiing and so much more.  


So if you want to keep up your fitness over the winter months, make sure you protect your eyes too! Using yellow or clear lenses will protect your eyes and enhance your vision in low light and even better, all* of our sunglasses are under £80 and come with at least 2 additional lenses.  





*no additional lenses supplied for casual or children’s sunglasses.   

Velochampion is a UK based company distributing worldwide and stock a variety of tools, equipment and accessories for cyclists and multi-sport athletes.


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