Velochampion Partners with Sports Tours International

We’ve teamed up with the largest sports travel company in the UK, Sports Tours International, who provide guaranteed entries and travel packages to a variety of running, cycling and triathlon events across the world.

Sports Tours International have over 45 years of experience in taking people around the globe to participate in the world’s best sporting events. Their experienced team will be on hand to provide you with mechanical support throughout the event so you can focus on the most important thing the riding. 

Whether you want to ride a sportive, either in the UK or in one of many destinations around the world, or you want to participate in a warm weather cycling training camp or you want to experience one of the biggest professional cycling events as a fan, Sports Tours International have the trip perfectly suited to you. 

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Velochampion is a UK based company distributing worldwide and stock a variety of tools, equipment and accessories for cyclists and multi-sport athletes.



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