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VeloChampion Christmas Gift Bundles Presents Gift Guide

A Buyer's Guide To Christmas Bundles

2 min read

Create Bundles of Joy with our Christmas Bundles. Gifting for sport fanatics is easy with our bundle buys. From running, road, cycling, triathlon and mountain biking we have gifts to suit every sporting type.

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VeloChampion Sunglasses Winter Benefits of Wearing Clear Yellow Lenses

Sunglasses in the Winter - Benefits to help improve your cycling

3 min read

Protecting your eyes from the glaring sun when reaching the pinnacle of a tough climb is important, but what about using your sunglasses in the winter conditions and low light?
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Choosing Your VELOCHAMPION Sunglasses

Choosing Your VELOCHAMPION Sunglasses

6 min read

Sunglasses are one of those pieces of kit that every rider should carry, whether to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays in the current sunny, early spring weather. Or whether it is simply to prevent mud, dirt and debris from the road entering your eyes in wintry conditions. A decent pair of sunglasses is essential for every rider at every level of the sport.
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